Sponsoring inquiries

Victorinox forms strategic partnerships with other companies, clubs, brand ambassadors, and event platforms that share our passion for tradition, quality, iconic design, and innovation. Our carefully selected partners are drawn from the fields of Sports, Culture & Gastronomy, and Sustainability. Together we work on projects that underpin our brand values or improve the everyday lives of our customers.

As one of the best known brands in Switzerland with a long tradition, we receive a large number of sponsorship inquiries every day. We are therefore compelled to standardize the inquiries for administrative reasons.
We use a professional evaluation tool to check your inquiry properly and comprehensively. This tool assists the work of our specialists in the Sponsorship & Events department and ensures that you receive a valid response within a reasonable period.

Please complete our online questionnaire so that we can process your inquiry. You can attach your documents at the end of the questionnaire.

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